Don’t let a man get stuck in a marriage

子女人身保護As the saying goes, “marriage is the tomb of love, without marriage, love dies without a burial place.” love and marriage have always been the common topic between husband and wife. When from love int婚前徵信o marriage, the man in the family “cage”, the real desire or unfettered forest grassland. So how do you restore men’s freedom? How can a woman “graze” a man? Private space many newlywed men complain t婚前調查o their buddies: the old days are over! “The old days” meant free time to do whatever you wanted. But as soon as he gets married, the man feels like a yo-yo in his wife’s hand: he runs a little farthe結婚對像信用、素行、工作調查r and is pulled back by the string in her hand. “What can’t you just say?” Many men have made such complaints. Women love to express their ideas in a roundabout way. Especially after the conflict, the法律問題協助 woman will take “ignore” attitude – not to talk, not to phone, not to eat, different rooms and so on “cold violence.” Men want simple solutions to problems between two people. Dynamic relaxation apar訴訟證據蒐集t from sleeping and necessary work, men seem to like to move all the time – playing ball games, climbing mountains and other outdoor activities are a definite plus, even at home, they have to be accom法律顧問協助panied by a music. If a man wants to be quiet, he will suffer from boredom. 4, informal home took off the shoes with the feet and not into the shoe cabinet; Morning love sleep up late don’t make the b家暴協助蒐證ed; Brush when the dishes are used up; And so on. Men are most afraid to be entangled in the details of life. So women’s formal rules only make men nervous. If men spend as much as they earn when they家暴證據採集‘re single, don’t expect them to change after marriage. They think personal finance is such a hassle that they might as well put the experience into a hobby. So men give the financial REINS to women b家暴諮商ecause they’re lazy.


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