The road to your rights: Beijing private detective

婚前徵信There are a lot of private detectives in Beijing. In addition to online publicity, walking on the road, you can often see electric tricycles with the words “private detective” written on them, as well as small advertisements in the corridor, roadside CARDS are also promoting private detective or investigation. In response, inspector zhao said frankly, “most of them are liars, like a private detective in Beijing, who has been working for six or seven years, or in a tri婚前調查cycle advertising small people. They charge cheap, an extramarital affair case, 800 yuan do, can have like, they do not work at all, come back to tell you the other side is ok. Do you believe in?” According to inspector zhao, there are 5-6 private detective companies in Beijing, and there are many private detective companies. Private detective industry price standards we are looking for Beijing private detective, are very concerned about the price of the situation, in結婚對像信用、素行、工作調查spector zhao to explain the private detective industry price standards. Beijing private detective company is in price general first collect early period outlay (about 50% of total charge, want to see specific case), basically be manpower and car charge, and equipment charge, after the job is finished, pay the rest again. Our price standard varies from thousands to tens of thousands, depending on the specific situation. Also want to see client specific requirement to c法律問題協助harge. Private investigator and defender of justice. The reporter learned that the general principle stipulated in the civil procedure law is who claims and who provides evidence, but the parties are often helpless in the face of unexpected problems, because the parties do not have the time and energy and lack the necessary methods to collect evidence. When confronted with legal disputes; It is difficult for the litigants to collect strong evidence to support their ri訴訟證據蒐集ghts and interests. Another advantage of entrusting private detective company to investigate is that it can avoid the possible inconvenience caused by the direct appearance of the client, thus effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the client. Beijing hua zhen private detective company has done a lot of cases in recent years, but the most prominent one is, a man who was going to give his divorced wife 200,000 yuan to settle the case, through i法律顧問協助nvestigation dig out the man’s assets out of tens of millions of yuan, so as to safeguard the woman’s legitimate rights and interests. The extramarital affair investigation is the main business inspector zhao prided himself on being responsible for clients. “Normally, for an extramarital affair case, we will send at least two people to follow around the clock. The other person is usually a good car, and we will at least have to use Toyota to follow. Therefore, a busin家暴協助蒐證ess should cost at least 8,000 yuan and be done without.” Marriage surveymen follow people for seven days to find out “what people think is the most mysterious and complicated affair investigation, which is the easiest business for us.” Yesterday, inspector zhao told reporters, “according to our experience, if it is a real extramarital affair, generally they will meet once every seven days.” As a result, inspector zhao’s deadline for clients investigating extramarital家暴證據採集 affairs is generally seven days. “After receiving the commission, we will ask the name and address of the investigated person in detail (including the address of their parents and in-laws’ home), as well as the address of their work unit, as well as their living and working habits, etc. After that, we will arrange special personnel to follow up the video recording until the situation is found, and the business will end.” Charges for extramarital affairs are the lowes家暴諮商t. If it’s a business investigation or an intellectual property investigation, they’re going to send someone inside the company that’s being investigated, and they’re going to come out in a month. Therefore, “our company’s employees are of high quality, our investigation minister is the special service company transferred military personnel”. Extramarital affairs are the most common business of investigating companies. “Last year, we received more than 200 cases of ex晚晴徵信社評價tramarital affairs.


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