The pilot cheated with his lover

盈幣版APP v1.6版本更新Wang mou, pilot of some airline company, got acquainted with ms sun through the network. Although wang was already married and had a child, he pursued sun and lived with her while hiding his marriage. After a year sun lady discovers pregnant hind just is informed the truth, wang mou is played however disappear. Sun sued wang in the name of her son xiaoxin (not his real name), asking for confirmation of the relationship between the father and son and seeking alimony. After the trial, the B全新全球指數-盈幣寶eijing three intermediate court of final determination of xiaoxin wang mou son, and wang mou monthly payment of 8,000 yuan alimony. Sun said she met wang, a pilot for an airline, online in 2010. Wang first said he and his wife often quarrel, family relations are not good. Ms. Sun, however, has been busy with her job and hopes to settle down as soon as possible. For this, ms sun asked friends to help pay attention to, also told wang mou his own situation. After learning about it, wang volu頂級風控 重重加密-盈幣寶nteered to ask sun if she would mind divorce. He said that he had been divorced for a period of time, and he felt that sun was motivated, studious and had ideals, which were different from other girls. In order to show sincerity, wang gave ms sun her id card, flight license and divorce certificate. Due to physical reasons, there is little chance for sun to conceive naturally. She also wants to find a divorced woman with children who will not have so much pressure to bear children. Therefo專業區塊鏈團隊-盈幣寶re, she agreed to wang’s pursuit. The couple began living together in July 2012. During their relationship, wang said that his son was facing some important issues, such as the college entrance examination. In order not to affect the child’s mood and future, wang claimed that the divorce with his wife was concealed from the child. In June 2013, sun discovered that she had been pregnant for several months and informed wang of the news. Let ms sun did not think of is, so far wang said frank頂級投資 雄岸基金-盈幣寶ly that his divorce fraud, after more shielding text messages, WeChat, phone and all the contact with ms sun. Six months later, Ms. Sun gave birth to her son, xiao xin. Ms sun thinks, wang mou is married clearly, cheat oneself with divorcing identity however, two people go together with lover relation cohabitation for a year, now the child is born, wang mou refuses to recognize however, cause irreparable spirit and material harm to mother and child. To this end, Ms. Sun, in the name of xi盈幣寶Bingbon-臨時合約地址aoxin, will Sue wang to the court, asking to confirm the relationship between xiaoxin and wang, and bear child maintenance, medical expenses and so on. In the first trial, wang denied having a parent-child relationship with xiao xin and said that he and sun were only general friends and did not live together. During the trial, wang argued that he had nothing to do with the child and refused to cooperate with the paternity test. Based on wang’s attitude, the court presumes that there is a 盈幣寶Bingbon用戶代為操盤風險提示parent-child relationship between xiao xin and wang, and wang has the obligation to pay xiao xin alimony. According to sun, wang’s monthly income is as high as 80,000 yuan. However, wang claimed that he fell ill in 2014 and now earns more than 110,000 yuan after tax. In addition, he has to raise his son, support his mother and take care of his mentally disabled brother. The court of first instance confirmed that xiao xin is the son of wang mou. Since November 2015, wang xx shall pay a mon關於IOS用戶使用企業證書的說明-盈幣寶thly maintenance fee of 8,000 yuan to xiao xin before the end of each month until xiao xin is 18 years old. At the same time, the court ordered wang to pay xiao xin 40,000 yuan of living expenses and 2,300 yuan of medical expenses from December 2013 to October 2015. After the sentencing, wang mou refused to appeal to the city three intermediate court, the court of second instance to cancel the original sentence. During the period, wang mou agreed to the identification, the results of the 網頁版體驗測試 -盈幣寶inspection concluded that wang mou is xiao xin’s biological father. Wang changed the appeal request again, the request to sentence its monthly pay xiaoxin alimony 4000 yuan. The court of second instance considered that wang’s appeal had no legal basis and did not support it. The facts ascertained by the court of first instance are clear and the application of law is correct, which shall be upheld. Accordingly, city 3 intermediate court make reject appeal, maintain the final adjudication oUSDT軍備競賽-盈幣寶f original judgement.


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