Divorce evidence is not a desirable means

台北徵信社The property of marriage investigation service is a private business. It is a kind of private relief service provided by civil investigation institutions to the public. Although桃園徵信社 many business survey companies also provide marriage survey services, from the theoretical research level, marriage survey is not a real business survey. Recommended reading: m新竹徵信社arriage law judicial interpretation issued three (full) marriage law marriage investigation in full service according to the statistics, the purpose of marriage survey commissio台中徵信社ned, about two-thirds of is for the purpose of maintaining family save the marriage, about half of which is completely in order to save the marriage, the other is fundamental in台南徵信社 order to save the marriage, but also want to collect some evidence for divorce certification. Only about a third of people who actually want a divorce use private investigators高雄徵信社 to collect evidence. In short, most of the clients who commissioned the marriage survey wanted to maintain a family relationship at least initially. The function of marriage su基隆徵信社rvey service in divorce cases, civil survey institutions can usually provide two aspects of services. 1. Provide evidence collection and investigation service for extramarital a中壢徵信社ffairs. Private investigation institutions, acting as agents of the parties, collect evidence of extramarital affairs for their spouses. 2. Provide property evidence collection 苗栗徵信社and investigation service, and private investigation institutions can collect and investigate relevant evidence of the property owned by the couple under the name of their spous雲林徵信社e for the parties.


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