Guangzhou tongxin private detective co., LTD. Has many years of investigation experience

Guangzhou concentric private detective has 16 years of experience in research co., LTD., is a collection of private detective company in guangzhou, guangzhou affairs investigation, positioning for guangzhou, the guangzhou commercial investigation, private detective in guangzhou, guangzhou civil investigation, business investigation, a research firm, security, marriage investigation, a private investigator, a private detective, survey, investigation and so on related work, 14徵信社 years didn’t leak any customer’s information, do not have any negative news, the company is for the cadres at all levels, businesses, and solve the practical problems in the development of private affairs, provide the biggest value for customers as their goal. In these changing times, we private detectives are willing to help our clients. The company to forge ahead, based on China, looking to the world, eyes to the future, pioneering and progressive dedication to customer s婦幼徵信社ervice, has been recognized by many customers, and achieved outstanding performance. Our success rate is as high as 96%, deeply trusted by the client. The company strictly abide by the principle of honesty, credit and confidentiality for the principal, with rigorous work style and rich work experience, has its own unique industry advantages. Company employees from the government, enterprises, journalists, military, public security, justice, telecommunications, banking, lawye婦幼徵信社BLOGrs, wu school and other social sectors. Is through professional training, can be strict with themselves, with a good professional ethics. Has the domestic well-known criminal investigation expert, the psychology expert, the economic expert, the law doctor, ACTS as the consultant. The purpose of the company is objective, fair “, confidential customers, defend rights and interests, accurate and rapid, public service “. Website : manager Chen tel :1355617徵信社費用5821 QQ:3175834866


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