Say good love, why do you procrastinate?

筆跡鑑定BLOGI admire their love very much, there are happy and sad, mood with their mood ups and downs. I am not a very can control the person of the emotion, private detective has words to say not to come out, hold back not to live, meeting afflictive. I’ve been struggling with whether to write our story, and I don’t know if I’m really in too much of a hurry in this relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for more than four years. We were classmates in high school. It was an accident that we got together. At least we never thought that we would get together one day. After we got together, we told our friends that they would never guess. We knew each other at that time, but never spoke, because at that time he was the boyfriend of our classmates who studied very well and knew him very little. He broke up with that classmate who was good at study because the teacher in school knew that they fell in love with each other for fear of affecting their study, so he stopped them from being together. The girl said that she broke up falsely before, and then it became a real break up. After the division of classes in the second year of high school, we did not have intersection for a whole year. It was not until the third year of high school that we began to talk. We really knew each other for more than a month. Perhaps with the idea of forgetting, because a joke we both have this idea, together. After being together, I found that he is a very childish person, but for me, I prefer a mature and stable person, because I think I am quite precocious, so I don’t like too childish. But after finding him childish, I didn’t want to say that I don’t want to be with him or anything, because once the relationship starts, I will be responsible and can’t just give up. And then it starts to get a little bit contradictory. At that time, he liked freedom, he was not used to having a girlfriend, and he had a good heterosexual relationship. I once doubted how he could like me, after all, there were many girls around him who played well with him, but he said that he had a different feeling with me. One of the most common things we both did at that time was to sit down and have a cool talk when a problem came up. After that, we talked about it thoroughly. He still did not like to be tied down. At that time, he was still in his senior year of high school, and he also hoped that each other could study hard. However, he always chatted with the classmates around him when he was studying at night. We were on and off several times, and I felt that he didn’t like me at all and did things without thinking about me. After break up for the first time, and it was New Year’s dwww.daaidetective.comay, I remember, he never find me after break up, but my in the mind a little unwilling, I ask him, if you are literally about before, say what I don’t feel the same to me, and why do you want to do this to me, and talked a lot, I said I am not looking for you and what of, but even if I find you good, you also won’t be reconciled with me, he said he would and I reconciled, and talked a lot, don’t know how to make up. After making up, I had a good time, but gradually I felt more tired. I never sent text messages with him more than 10 words, nor would I take the initiative to chat with me. Gradually, I really felt tired, so I broke up again, this time the time was a little longer. Turning point was, it was my first time in residence, didn’t come home at the weekend, but also the rain, that he is also in residence, the night rain, chat with my classmates in the dormitory, then I can send the message to rain back to school early, he said I didn’t think he’ll be back, he said he saw my messages very excited, he said that he seems to really like me or something. Chatting and then made up. After this reconciliation, we have a very good relationship, and he is very concerned about me. After the college entrance examination, we both went to college in the same place, although it was two schools but the distance was ok. I am a relatively impulsive person, temper is not very good. But in the fall in love, I also gradually convergence, he is very tolerant of me, I generally casual temper humor me. I am to belong to go up a second return with dynamite like disorderly blast, next second was good, I abate come out to have no matter. I am a specialist, he is undergraduate course. I have been working for one year now, but he just came out of school to prepare for internship. I did not ask him to say must look for how good how good job, salary how high what, want to have a job only line, oneself can support line, this requirement is not high. I am not a material girl, when reading two people’s living expenses are limited, but also go out to play what, so the money is always planning to spend, also did not buy what expensive gift, but he is not mean to me. I understand all that. I don’t like to compare my boyfriend with other people’s boyfriend, because if I want to compare, my heart is already out of balance. Actually, I really hate festivals. Although we would go out to eat delicious food during festivals, he didn’t buy me a gift. It’s not that he didn’t buy me anything, but he never showed it during festivals. He’s not romantic. Every time when my friends in the dormitory received gifts during the festival, they would tease me and say why your boyfri政府立案徵信社end didn’t buy a gift. I could only smile helplessly and say to myself that it was ok. Don’t care about so much. The economy doesn’t know. In fact, I do not care how much he gave the gift, even if only a few dollars, as long as he bought, I like, will be very happy. But none. He knows he’s not romantic, and sometimes he talks sweet. So gradually I got used to it. Two and a half years of college although he also gave me something to buy, but the real holiday sent almost no, no surprise, but I will give him to buy, I thought he can understand my unhappy, but not. So day by day together, the feeling is still very good, although occasionally still have contradictions. Because his parents love him, his ability to resist pressure is very poor. When I say he’s immature, he’ll say he’s got a baby face, and people will think he’s young when they see him. I said you want to let the person feel you are mature, the child face means you look young but does not mean you are childish. He stopped talking. Every time there is a conflict, he always likes to keep silent, which drives me crazy. In the last few months, we always argued with our parents because of the things we confessed to them. At the beginning, he said that he didn’t know how to tell his parents about us. He said that he was a little afraid. Said he will graduate soon, feel very confused, the mood is very agitated, do not know with me how to say. He said he didn’t feel as strong for me as he did before. I really feel cold to hear this, together for four years, you should say such words, do you think appropriate? During that time, we almost every day to make unhappy, always talking about not happy, on the bad side. Later he explained to me that he had been in a bad mood recently and asked me to give him a break. Because his parents did not know he was in love, even joking to ask him, but he did not officially admit. I’ve already taken him to meet my parents, over the summer. I was afraid that he would have to face a job after graduation and my parents, so I wanted my parents to meet him before he graduated, so my parents wouldn’t ask him what he did. After seeing my parents said that the person is ok, quite a real person but looks too childish, is long, also did not say do not let us. My father said first, tell me that anyway he and my mother’s attitude is already here, the key depends on their family’s attitude, if their family agree, parents good if they have no opinion. My parents do not want me to marry too far, see their family is quite close, family conditions are equal, so it is ok. I thought he would consider telling his parents about us after he met my parents, but a semester l徵信社價錢ater, nothing. That’s why I’m worried. I’ve been unhappy about this for months. My mom and dad will ask me what’s going on with the two of us. Under my constant pressure, he told his parents about me, but his parents hoped that he could find a job and not fall in love with others. He also didn’t say what attitude he had towards me. After the school affair was almost over, he didn’t rush to look for a job, saying that he didn’t want to look for a job yet and wanted to relax. Alas, write this, I again angry of not line not line of. Since don’t want to look for, I say you don’t want to tell me you want to look for again don’t look for of, direct point say I don’t ask bai. You say you can look, that I am not sure a period of time ask you to say look how, you again stammering of say not to come out, this get more angry. He always said he’d get us out of the way and take me to his parents as soon as possible, but he didn’t do anything. Originally my character is urgent, I do not like to procrastinate things, especially emotional things. These months have been really hard, I almost can not hold. It’s not easy for me to endure this long. Private investigator is he too passive, or I am too active. He is really good to me, is the ability to deal with things is really unbearable, too immature, the pace of doing things is slow, always say what plan is too early what is useful and then it is uncertain what change. I’m struggling. I don’t know if he can shoulder the responsibility of a family in the future. I’m really struggling. This period of time said several break up, he also did not agree,. I also know say break up not good, but true spirit of not good, want to stimulate stimulate him. Still have is relative what always want to introduce an object, say to have boyfriend, when the person did not introduce, broke up finally, say not to have boyfriend, the somebody else says all the time again, can shirk to say now still early, not anxious. People will tell us to get married too late. My parents also think that girls can’t get married too late. It’s not that I don’t want to make it to the end, it’s that he makes me feel less and less confident. Have you ever thought about why they do this? The emphasis is on the other side’s idea, is not others, sometimes their bad must also review, if you changed change, feel each other, then you don’t have to effort can save, you have to know the truth, use methods useless, a waste of time, there also won’t someone care about you, don’t have to wait for the answer here, I helped many save success, just like you have a common fault. Well, at this point, if you don’t take the time to ask us for help, I don’t thi nk anyone will.


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