Happiness is doing what you love

LINKHappiness is doing what you love. Shortly after returning from France, I heard that a friend’s house was flooded in the heavy rain a few days ago. The friend’s tone was calm, as usual, laughing, not like a home just flooded, causing hundreds of thousands of losses. [private detective] smiled and said he was really optimistic and could laugh at anything. The friend smile to ask [private detective] : “this time don’t smile, difficult way cry?” He moved out the words [private investigator] used in his blog a few days ago, “happiness comes when you can eat, sleep and laugh. You said it.” I always admire this friend, although he is a few years younger than [private detective]. More than ten years ago, he came to Beijing alone, with no money but the expectations of a poor family. No education, no job, only a family trust and a leap in the heart of the ideal. Beijing accepted him, but only in the remote suburbs, small bungalow, daily commute, meager income, unexpected cold eyes and unexpected twists and turns. When my friend first came to Beijing for two or three years, he had been living in a small bungalow with only three or four square meters in the far suburbs. The Windows in winter were not covered by wind, and the summer was extremely hot. Today’s young people can hardly imagine what a difficult situation it is, and may not have the stamina to persist in such an environment for twoLA or three years. 【 private detective 】 admire this friend not because of his perseverance and hard work, but in difficult circumstances showed optimism. At that time [private detective] did not know him, and by the time he got to know him, he had already passed the most difficult stage and established himself in Beijing. Often listen to others about his experience and story, often hear those bitter past, always touched the heart of the most soft part, or moved, or be inspired. Other friends talked about his experience at that time, feel most is his smile, no matter what time, he will always be the most really smile to others, never seem to know sorrow, no matter can floored him, though his behind have a poor family, there are two sister waiting for him to earn money for their study, even though every month pay the rent and send money home, he often doesn’t even have money to buy a steamed bread… After a few years, he read a book for younger sister, picked up the study that oneself interrupt again, read a university in Beijing, during 4 years of study all the time did not interrupt big and small work, bought a not big house to parents in hometown, oneself also bought a two-bedroom outside Beijing 5 annulus, and became a home. [private detective] never heard him talk about these things, but all his friends who knew him were very interested in these things, who could buy two housesHT with the money they earned in their spare time while studying, and who might have a family. That was seven or eight years ago, when housing prices weren’t that high, but it wasn’t easy to make a home in Beijing by copying manuscripts and working as a tutor. A friend who knew the situation said that during the four years of study, he wrote more than 2,000 articles, three novels and taught more than 100 students. How can we do so many things well in the ordinary day and night? Maybe only he knows. At that time, many people thought that he insisted on finishing college for the purpose of seeking a formal job or a career as an officer. However, no one thought that his friend who had been born at the age of five did not find a job after graduation from college. He kept his diploma in a drawer and started a new struggle. Only then did the people around him realize that he was studying for a dream in the center of his life, not for fame or career. In the second year after his graduation from college, the [private detectives] met by chance because of their work, and since then, they have had a particularly good impression on him, especially the calm and gentle smile that always ripples on his face, which is indicative of youthful vitality and a kind of visible plain and real courage. Two years ago, he owned a bigger house in Beijing, had his own company, had a lovely child, and had a hapETHpy life with struggle. A few days ago, I had a meeting with him about his company, because of its small size, heavy tax burden and poor efficiency, but he still wanted to keep on doing it, even though the current benefits were far less than what he would earn if he went out to do a job. [private investigator] smiled and said he could go out and do a job like a professional manager, with a salary of $1 million a year and no need to worry about big or small things in the company. He shook his head with a smile. “there are so many young kids in the company. [private detectives] have to keep doing it.” Speaking of his current life, he is very satisfied: “parents are healthy, children are obedient, husband and wife are harmonious, [private detective] just need to do a good job, cook dinner at home at night, feed the young people in the company, have time to spend with the family, can let the child lie in his bosom every day, such simple life is very good. A year to earn a dozen or twenty omnipotent live steadfast, why must go to force a million?” When he said this, the smile on his face was the same as before, which made [private detective] feel that he was a few years older, but he did not think clearly and live clearly. As one blogger said, when I was young, happiness was very simple, and when I grew up, simplicity was very happy. In fact, a happy life is to do the most simple thingsEOS in your heart.


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