I don’t know if this marriage should continue.

比特幣現狀With the husband is a classmate, but later is also introduced to walk together. At the beginning, my family did not agree with him, because he did not look very good, and because his family conditions were not good. But I had just been through a breakup and needed to catch someone. He was nice to me, too, and naturally we got together. My temper is not good, all kinds of run-in, but has not been run-in well, then I was old, hasty marriage. A son was born two years later. During this period live in her mother-in-law’s home, and the relationship with her mother-in-law is not good. My mother-in-law is a typical rural woman, and her son is always right in everything. During my confinement, he once cheated on me and got into be比特幣礦難的根源d with another divorced classmate. He swore that he would never do it again. But I was wrong, in fact, he and that woman did not intend to separate, and then forced my pressure, door to find that woman, just give up. It took me a long time to get out of this shadow, and perhaps the last thing I wanted to accept was that he didn’t love me at all. I thought about my parents, I thought about my children, I didn’t have the courage to divorce. On Friday night, he call I go out to dinner, I pull the son went to the driving, he drink drunk when I come back, I didn’t see road signs when driving, the straight lane as a right, he shouted at me in the car, I also fire, quarrelling with him, go home after he lying on the bed I more th如何獲得比特幣ink more angry, called up his theory, he sat up from the bed, yelling at me, I am out of control, scold a sentence * your mother, he came to me, asking why I scold. I was completely broke out, both hands, he gave me several bruises, kick me with the feet, with a slap me, clamored to kill me, in this life the most regret thing is to marry me, I gave birth to a son, then he went to the sitting room had so many things, I told him not to frighten his son also don’t listen to, my crazy hysterical roar loud, finally running out the door on the second day my relatives will give to kang. I in any case can not let mother know, want to coax him back first, but he also shouted at me on the phone not to come back, this marriage really比特幣的特點 very tired, quarrel before, every time I take the initiative to coax him, he is a pair of indifferent appearance, every quarrel said with me can not go down, divorce, call me roll. I was really tired. I found a malignant tumor in 2013 and had surgery to get it under control. I wonder why he would treat a sick wife like this when I’m no longer bad-tempered? I don’t know if this marriage should continue or not. To be honest, I don’t have the courage to get a divorce, but such a marriage is very cold. He often throws me out after a quarrel. My brother advised me not to fall for it. But home is a warm harbor, in this home I do not feel any warm breath, some is only indifferent and hurt. I just lost the bottom line in the grad五個問答讓你秒懂區塊鏈原理及應用ual compromise.


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