Private detective: is single really the golden age for women?

最接近理想去中心化的公有鏈(Public Blockchain)Private detective: is single really the golden age for women? Everyone’s life is really different, each has its own thing, each has its own joys and sorrows. Yesterday afternoon I had a chat with two friends, one of whom I was not familiar with. He said something about work and chatted about the latest situation. As a result of not quite familiar with xiao Yang, I have a few scruples, listen to say less; But xiao Yang was very talkative. From beginning to end, another friend and I were like listeners. Afternoon tea became xiao Yang’s talk show. But xiao Yang said happily, smiled happily, I looked also happy. As if most people around are busy busy, it is not easy to hear the laughter from the heart, if you can listen to the real laughter all afternoon, it is also a kind of enjoyment. Xiao Yang himself said, in a company to do accounting, usually work is not too busy, a little more things at the end of the month, work time is more comfortable, can find a reason to leave the unit to run a circle, work is very comfortable. Xiao Yang years younger than me, a personal life, in addition to work, all of the time was spent on the Internet, play games, chat, or aimlessly in each site went back and forth between xiao Yang look for today’s life is very good, a person freedom, want to eat just a little bit, lazy call takeout, don’t have to serve a husband, don’t have to take care of the children, to earn some money in my body, she said that such a person to eat the whole family not hungry fairy day only was a 以太坊(Ethereum)、以太幣與 DAppdream for most women, she has been living in the dream, so special happiness. If not xiao Yang left, my friend said some other words, I almost believe she really live in happiness. Xiao Yang to return to the unit at the end of the disposal of financial problems, on the first leave. My friend and I are constantly chatting. Outside the window drizzle drizzle, on the glass hit a little water spray, Beijing such weather is not much. Although the weather is cloudy, the heart is clear. The friend says, xiao Yang had a paragraph of unhappy marriage, maintained two years to end, among them reason does not know so far nobody, but after that marriage passes, xiao Yang did not marry again, also do not associate with the man, the time outside the job basically shut oneself in the home, that marriage lets her very get hurt. Friends say xiao Yang is a very pessimistic woman, extroverted personality, so usually give the impression of xi xi ha ha, heartless, which just confirm my initial impression of xiao Yang. Knowing xiao Yang’s experience, I think her attitude towards life is very commendable. “You mustn’t think she is a woman without vexation. In fact, she led a very hard life, from the family life, then a hard marriage, now a person’s life is also very hard. They say you need two faces to live on, and she is. In front of others is a laughing face, a person’s time…… Perhaps she knows best what a human face is.” I said from xiao Yang’s manners and physical appearance really can not see that she is a very 什麼是 ICO(首次貨幣發行)?bitter person. The private detective heard from his friends that xiao Yang used to show people such a face, so everyone thought she was the kind of woman with a childish heart. But would a real childish heart drink alone at home every night? Isn’t there much in the empty room except bottles of wine? Think also, even if a woman again strong, no matter how pessimistic, to 30 still lonely, guarding the empty house, even if that day again how free and easy, will really like gold like sparkling? A woman needs a home to return to after all, body and mind should have a support, stand alone in the field of a tree, again tenacious also very difficult to withstand the wind and rain, let alone a life in the metropolis, carrying mortgage, the need to go out to work every day woman? Chat also passed, after the encounter and in a hurry to separate xiao Yang, let my heart a little pressure feel, but did not think, everyone has everyone’s life, I also have my needs to operate. At dusk, xiao Yang even gave me a phone call, drunk. She said that I did not talk much during the day, but she felt that I was a person she could trust and wanted to talk to me. After we had said a few words, there was no movement on her side. I thought she had fallen asleep in the heat of the wine, but I understood from her few words what my friend had said during the day. Outside the window is still floating rain, my heart heavy, until midnight did not fall asleep, do not know why. This period of writing every day, as if quiet years of se什麼是工作量證明(PoW)?ntimental feelings come again, this is a good thing or bad? No matter it is good or bad, in recording the feeling of life, the heart seems to have been revived, long lost temperament back, this is enough to move me. Once in the young, I also think a person’s life is the best, do not have to be constrained by people, I want to do what to do, no one nagging, do not worry about others, willing to work on the job, willing to visit to visit, want to sleep big sleep can be stuffy at home for a few days not to go out. But later I found that I was wrong. What I once thought was just “thought”, but it was not an ideal life. In the ideal life, it was impossible to live only for myself, and it was also impossible to live alone all my life. Once thought that single is a woman’s golden period, in the end finally understand that it is only a golden dream. A woman’s golden period in life, relatives, lovers, children, dribs and drabs of life, happy work, these are shining gold. Alone in a person’s world, life can not really brilliant. I don’t know how long xiao Yang’s loneliness will last, maybe a few months, maybe a lifetime. I think, lonely is not terrible, if we can extract from the lonely enough to make oneself happy and satisfied at ease. A lot of time, the woman hope day long, hope that life is full of surprises, to later gradually adhere to and have in envy lonely people, so will feel single is a woman’s golden period; But really by lonely package of time, will find that the original home has love day, tha礦工賺錢術 - PoS 跟 PoW 有什麼差別?t is really home.


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