Where is the easiest place for a man to have an affair?

區塊鏈的特征Where is the easiest place for a man to have an affair? When private investigators looked at past reports of men having affairs, they found that most of the answers came from the wife’s point of view. Private detectives wondered if they would get a more truthful answer if they asked men. Private investigators surveyed 200 men who had and did not have affairs to find out why they were having affairs, and here’s what they found: 1.68 percent of men felt guilty about having affairs. Newman points out that 68 percent of men who have affairs never thought they would cheat, and almost all wish they hadn’t. But apparently guilt doesn’t stop a man from having an affair. 2. 77% of men who have affairs have a friend who is also having an affair. Sp區塊鏈的起源ending a lot of time with friends who have had affairs makes cheating seem normal to men. His subconscious thought to himself, “my friend is a good man. He just happened to cheat on his wife. Therefore, as a wife, let her husband go to bars less, socialize less with people who have affairs, do more outdoor activities, make friends with people who have happy families, and create an environment that protects marriage. 3.48 percent of men believe that emotional dissatisfaction is the top reason for their affairs. “Men are emotional animals,” Newman said. “they want their wives to appreciate them and they want women to understand how hard they have to work to do well.” The problem is that, unlike women, men rarely express these feelings. So c「區塊鏈」到底是什麼?專業懶人包在這裡ompliment and take care of your partner regularly. Make him feel that you need him, care for him, and care for him. Of course, physical satisfaction is not to be denied. After all, 8 percent of men said that unsatisfied desire is the main reason for their affairs. 4. Only 12 percent of men who have affairs find their lover more attractive than their wife. That is, most men don’t have affairs in order to get better sex from a more beautiful woman. “Most of the time it’s just to fill an emotional void.” Accordingly, the wife should make husband and wife affection more sweet, close, care husband more at ordinary times, also should encourage more in sexual life respect and affirmation. 5.40% of men met another woman at work. “Often men have a什麼是區塊鏈ffairs with women in the office who admire him, respect him and praise his efforts.” That’s another important reason to feel valued at home, Mr. Newman says. 6. Six percent of men who had affairs had sex on the day they met another woman. 73 percent of men had an affair more than a month after meeting another woman. That means you can stop it before he betrays you. Common signs include: the more time he is away from home, the less he asks you for sex, the more frequent he travels on business, and the more he hangs up on you. Instead of directly questioning him, it’s better to use your own actions to lead him to change and put the relationship back on track, such as praising him, telling him you love him, and telling him how you feel about盈幣寶-事業介紹 the relationship.


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