Divorce evidence is not a desirable means

台北徵信社The property of marriage investigation service is a private business. It is a kind of private relief service provided by civil investigation institutions to the public. Although桃園徵信社 many business survey companies also provide marriage survey services, from the theoretical research level, marriage survey is not a real business survey. Recommended reading: m新竹徵信社arriage law judicial interpretation issued three (full) marriage law marriage investigation in full service according to the statistics, the purpose of marriage survey commissio台中徵信社ned, about two-thirds of is for the purpose of maintaining family save the marriage, about half of which is completely in order to save the marriage, the other is fundamental in台南徵信社 order to save the marriage, but also want to collect some evidence for divorce certification. Only about a third of people who actually want a divorce use private investigators高雄徵信社 to collect evidence. In short, most of the clients who commissioned the marriage survey wanted to maintain a family relationship at least initially. The function of marriage su基隆徵信社rvey service in divorce cases, civil survey institutions can usually provide two aspects of services. 1. Provide evidence collection and investigation service for extramarital a中壢徵信社ffairs. Private investigation institutions, acting as agents of the parties, collect evidence of extramarital affairs for their spouses. 2. Provide property evidence collection 苗栗徵信社and investigation service, and private investigation institutions can collect and investigate relevant evidence of the property owned by the couple under the name of their spous雲林徵信社e for the parties.

The woman asked private investigators to collect 200,000 yuan in debt, failed to recover the money and was threatened

徵信社< / p > < p > lend out 200,000 yuan or not back, Ms. Chu saw a three-wheeled motorcycle with a “debt collection” small advertisement, wrote down the debt collection company’s phone number, but the other side asked for the cost is too high, Ms. Chu gave up. Sun wenjie reminds us that we must protect our legal rights through legal means. We can protect our legal rights through negotiation, asking the debtor to provide guarantee, property preservation before litigation and prosecution. < / p > < p > lend out 200,000 yuan or not back, Ms. Chu saw a three-wheeled motorcycle with a “debt collection” small advertisement, wrote down the debt collection company’s phone number, but the other side asked for the cost is too high, Ms. Chu gave up. < / p > < p > in the friend’s reminder, miss chu found a “private detective” company online, paid a commission of 1000 yuan, the other side is not enthusiastic, miss chu asked to return the cost was threatened, she had to report to the kunming police. Ms. Chu, who lives in kunming, is from shandong province. In October last year, her sister called her and said that if she had money, she could lend it to an investment company in her hometown for interest. After the two sisters found it profitable, their sister borrowed 70,000 yuan to the company, and their sister borrowed 200,000 yuan. At the end of the same year, Ms. Chu bought a house in kunming and wanted to decorate it. She wanted to get the loan back in advance, but婦幼徵信社 the other party didn’t pay it back. In October last year, the sisters found out that the investment company had closed down, fearing that the money would not be returned. One day in June this year, Ms. Chu was walking down the street in kunming. Suddenly, a three – wheeled motorcycle passed her side – “debt”! The little advertisement on the tricycle caught her eye. She quickly caught up and noted down the phone number of the debt collection agency. Ms. Chu called the debt collection company and promised her, “we can definitely help you get your money back. But it will take seven or eight people to collect the debt, and we can’t pay for the journey out of our own pockets.” The other party offered to take 20% to 30% of the total amount of the debt. Before going to collect the debt, Ms. Chu had to pay 5,000 yuan for the trip. Ms. Chu decided it wasn’t worth it and decided to look for another collection company. Under the good friend’s reminder, Ms. Chu searched the Internet and found a “private detective” debt collection company. “We’ll get you back 100 percent of your money.” After listening to the other party a manager surnamed li, Ms. Chu felt that there is hope for debt collection. Ms. Chu said that manager li told her on the phone that the commission was 10% of the amount of debt collection and only 1,000 yuan in the early stage. As long as she pays 1,000 yuan and signs a collection contract, they can collect the debt the next day. On June 7, the other party sent Ms. Chu an account, Ms. Chu remitted 1,000 yuan in the past, and sent her sister’s 70,000 yuan iou and her own identity information to the other party. Ms. Chu said the attitude changed after she sent the money, and manager li said, “our people have left.” “You didn’t ask me for the debtor’s address, so you said you were on your way. I don’t know the address. Where are you going to ask for money? Are you going by train or high-speed rail? Can you take a picture of your ticket and send it to me?” “Ms. Chu asked. There was no answer. Ms. Chu felt cheated and asked for a refund of 1,000 yuan. If she did not return the money, she called the police. She was threatened with Posting her sister’s I.D. and her identity online. He said he would call her debtor and ask her not to get any money back. Ms. Chu had to report to the kunming ma village police station, the police station made a record but no case. Reply to less than 1000 yuan debt will be returned yesterday, the reporter on the Internet to search the “private detective” company. The company said in the introduction: in addition to helping individuals, individual industrial and commercial households and enterprises and institutions to carry out a variety of unexpected, difficult, thorny incident investigation work, the company is also engaged in extramarital affairs, whereabouts, identity background and other investigations. The phone number of a manager li is the same as that Ms. Chu gave to the reporter. After the reporter dialed his phone number, the re合法徵信社porter admitted that their company did accept the business of helping people collect debts. Manager li said frankly, as long as the debt information provided is true and legal, they can get 100 percent of the money; If the money is not received, the 1000 yuan handling fee will be refunded. As for whether Ms. Chu entrusted them to collect debts, he could not remember clearly and would like to go back to the company to check. Remind please guandu district people’s court judge zhang yingcai said, debt collection companies, “private detective” often take violent means to collect debt, its own behavior is not legal, industrial and commercial departments will not be registered for its; Moreover, due to the entrustment of creditors and the consent of creditors, illegal detentions and kidnappings often occur in debt collection. At this time, the creditor may become an accomplice of this kind of criminal behavior, and also bear criminal responsibility. Sun wenjie, deputy director of yunnan lingyun law firm, also said that some debtors want to seek debt collection companies to maintain their debts, and debt collection companies propose to “collect money and charge again”, which seems convenient and safe, but has higher risks. Many collection agencies collect the money and take it away. Sun wenjie reminds us that we must protect our legal rights through legal means. We can protect our legal rights through negotiation, asking the debtor to provide guarantee, property preservation before litigationwomanyoung.com.tw and prosecution.

Three tips to help you identify private detective companies

臺灣徵信社服務公司With the intensification of social competition, people pay more and more attention to the protection of their rights and interests. The demand of social investigation and counter-investigation market increases, which makes the private detective industry spring up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain everywhere. First of all, private detective companies have fixed offices and regular or part-time employees. Therefore, when choosing a detective company, y台灣法律諮詢徵信社ou can visit it in advance to understand it. If a detective company does not meet the above-mentioned requirements, it can be basically determined as a false company. Second, the formal detective company and the customer’s business cooperation is completed face to face. Because, in the process of investigation, a certain amount of manpower and material resources need to be used, which leads to cost considerations. Regular detective companies need to careftaiwan detective台灣徵信社ully evaluate the difficulty of the case before making a quotation. But there are many fraud nature of the company as a means of the network, in the customer consultation on the price in advance and lure customers to pay a certain fee, and then disappeared. Therefore, when there is a detective company in the meeting before the request to pay a deposit must be vigilant. Finally, after full communication with the client, the private detective company will qtaiwan private detective台灣徵信社uote the cost of the case investigation, and then both parties sign a formal commission contract. According to the industry practice and contract, half of the labor cost should be paid at this time, and the remaining half should be paid after the investigation is completed. Note that if there is no final investigation results, the first half of the deposit will not be returned. Therefore, whether to sign a formal contract is also an important factor for oprivate detectives台灣徵信社ur consideration.

Guangzhou tongxin private detective co., LTD. Has many years of investigation experience

Guangzhou concentric private detective has 16 years of experience in research co., LTD., is a collection of private detective company in guangzhou, guangzhou affairs investigation, positioning for guangzhou, the guangzhou commercial investigation, private detective in guangzhou, guangzhou civil investigation, business investigation, a research firm, security, marriage investigation, a private investigator, a private detective, survey, investigation and so on related work, 14徵信社 years didn’t leak any customer’s information, do not have any negative news, the company is for the cadres at all levels, businesses, and solve the practical problems in the development of private affairs, provide the biggest value for customers as their goal. In these changing times, we private detectives are willing to help our clients. The company to forge ahead, based on China, looking to the world, eyes to the future, pioneering and progressive dedication to customer s婦幼徵信社ervice, has been recognized by many customers, and achieved outstanding performance. Our success rate is as high as 96%, deeply trusted by the client. The company strictly abide by the principle of honesty, credit and confidentiality for the principal, with rigorous work style and rich work experience, has its own unique industry advantages. Company employees from the government, enterprises, journalists, military, public security, justice, telecommunications, banking, lawye婦幼徵信社BLOGrs, wu school and other social sectors. Is through professional training, can be strict with themselves, with a good professional ethics. Has the domestic well-known criminal investigation expert, the psychology expert, the economic expert, the law doctor, ACTS as the consultant. The purpose of the company is objective, fair “, confidential customers, defend rights and interests, accurate and rapid, public service “. Website :http://www.gztxsjzt.com manager Chen tel :1355617徵信社費用5821 QQ:3175834866

Be seduced by fame and fortune should accept female boss unspoken rules

盈幣寶Bingbon-官方唯一交流群Hear my unit all the time the affection of that head female boss and her husband looks very insipid from the surface, should be very bad all sorts of hearsay actually, from several times I work overtime the lamplight that sees her office late into the night still did not put out can prove, what their husband and wife concern did not say really is so good. At first, I always thought that when the leader to deal with more things will be too late to deal with that day, it is normal to stay at work late at night. However, work overtime every time to see leadership office lamplight grows bright, feel a bit abnormal, as a middle-aged woman, the home should have run the housework that does not finish, impossible be like her so detached even can Pepsi ignore. I am a college student into unit soon, don’t know of the complexity of the unit in a lot of things, and, as a newcomer, be old colleague strangers and were forced to need to work overtime every day also is very helpless thing, just because I need to work overtime every day and have no time to accompany his girlfriend to fall in love, has been in love with me one year cohabitation married a year and already had the plan’s girlfriend, finally chose to break up with me. Girlfriend lily, it should be said is really a good girl, she was the jiaojiao female, father high rank, mother business, JiaJing good to let a person hard to imagine, and I was just an ordinary high school teachers of children, therefore, from the start, lily’s parents don’t agree we fall in love, they want her to marry a higher position in the leadership of children, at least to marry a child more wealthy boss. I understood her parents’ feelings, especially given their family background, and it was natu盈幣寶Bingbon-最大槓桿數及手續費調整公告ral to find a match, but lily would not listen to them and was determined to follow me. At that time, lily loved me very much, did not mind my birth and rags to riches poor, just insisted on talking to me. Because just shortly into the unit, and met lily’s parents sent her to study abroad, at the beginning of the lily to go abroad, lily’s mom ever talk to me a words, want to marry lily on the 50 conditions must be met, for example, must want to have the marriage room of 150 square meters, must want to buy a car of 300000 yuan of above, must want to have a decent big diamond ring, I have a look at these conditions I is a lifetime is difficult to achieve, was eventually lily parents forced to may not be offered to break up. It is brokenhearted empty window period, just entered the unit before long rookie, it is the period that is depressed that is forced to work overtime by colleague bully, and that time, should say I always can leave the unit relatively late, of course, it is besides that love unit such as the female boss of the family. Time grew, female boss also can come to the office that I work overtime to see sometimes, or it is to understand the special and detailed and specific circumstance in a few units, or it is dinner party comes back thirsty let me send a glass of water to go in, or it is night belly hungry let me accompany her to eat late snack together, or it is to let me help her buy some kind of daily necessities, wait a moment. In a word, gradually we became more familiar with each other, and gradually we began to talk about everything, except the very private things in her family, she would tell me everything else. I know her daughter has gone to the university, the husband spent all day outside do盈幣版APP v1.6版本更新 not know to go home, therefore, the home is often her one person alone empty room, her feelings are very lonely, her life is empty, not to go home to her too big difference. And I also happened to be the emotional window, also very empty lonely, two people, it is easy to hit it off. Once, she drank a little too much in the social intercourse outside, let me take a taxi to pick her up, I helped her into the car, asked her to go home or to the unit, she gave me the car keys, let me take her to the unit. That night, I had my first time with her. To tell you the truth, the first time she really took more care of me than in the past. Only two years after I joined the company, I was promoted to the deputy director of the department, and those who often lost their jobs let me work overtime were dumbfounded. At first, my relationship with her is only to vent their original desire, to solve the physical needs of each other, so every time after sex and rain, I will sleep soundly, so, I often comfort her emptiness in bed, vent her loneliness, out of bed, she is my leader, will help me start my career. My girlfriend, who has been studying in the United States, once called me secretly and asked me if I would like to study in the United States or accompany her to study. She said she could help me contact the American school, which, of course, was all hidden from her parents. And I have the help of female boss on career at this time, everything feels downwind smooth, age already became the backup cadre in the unit gently. What’s more, in female boss there still can get the sweet head of men’s love, go abroad with cummer confluence to say to me already did not have what attraction, accordingly, I did not accept girlfriend’s that Bingbon盈幣寶週報(2019/07/20 – 2019/07/26)kind of invitation. I know I can’t get the female boss, let alone their together, with female boss is always her strong leading to no dignity, she likes to dominate everything, even the matter of the brother’s bed, she also want to, but she can always make me reached a height of pleasure, but in her arms I can always feel a deep affection, I can’t keep so long time sex relations with her. Recently, female boss said he would recommend me to a higher position, and let me have a good preparation, of course, I know that as long as there is a female boss recommended even a word, you can determine the fate of the birth is the lowly like me, but I now more and more feel be agitated, the thought of her in my class and to help, I’m very grateful, think of me in this is use her to achieve their higher career, I will feel guilty again, every time I annoyed, I will go to female bosses seek physical comfort, every time after the joy, I will be more to produce the kind of evil feeling betrayed her sooner or later. I felt more and more that I was not a good person, a despicable person who wanted to prove to my girlfriend’s parents that I could succeed, a shameless person who wanted to do whatever it took to get there, and a hateful man I despised myself. Of course, my heart is more clear is that he has no courage to take the initiative to break up with the leadership of the request, for the leadership, I no longer do her lover means the betrayal of her, means that I will lose all the hard-won all splendor, and even because of this was put into the palace, no longer scenery. So, I still can’t uncertain determination, give up not willing to give up already got all? Should I resign or not? Or should I leave the woman I’ve been takin盈幣寶Bingbon-合約PC公測版(網頁版)正式上線g advantage of?

I’m worried about my wife going to the Internet cafe alone

MOL盈幣寶My wife and I met and married on a blind date. Now it has been four years. She keeps staying at home without coming to work. She and I went out to work together last year, and after four months we started to quarrel and divorce, and then we had to go home first, and then we made up in the mediation of the family. Then she didn’t work out, I can only be a person out of work, we’ve agreed in July this year let her come to my work here to tourism, is to play, but in her to come two days before she again notice I don’t want to come, in fact, I very want to her, want her to come, then I told her, my mother my elder sister also advised her to, she is not willing to. As not willing to she came after, from the beLINK盈幣寶ginning of the car to her left that day did not give me a bit of good face, I asked her how, she said to bother me, do not want to see me, she also said to have bothered me, but I basically do not know how I. The day walking, she said she used to work to I went to see a manager know Internet cafe, also emphasized don’t let me go, that will I a listen to also not happy, then she didn’t good the spirit that you don’t let me go I won’t go, I just say that you don’t go to, she really didn’t go to, but it went into a knot in my heart, I know that she’s not happy, if she doesn’t let me touch her at night, we haven’t seen each other for half a year, she do this to me, let me very angry, and then in the evening, LA盈幣寶I am still some suspicious, secretly looked at her WeChat, then use my WeChat added that the manager of his mouth, In WeChat I informed the store manager that my wife was married and had children. She sent a message to me after coming home, saying that there was no trust between us, saying that I was the heart, can not stand me, I know she found me see her WeChat, but in fact I love her, I do not want to divorce. Now she brought up the incident of my beating her last year and said she would never forgive me. Now she wants to go to another place to look for a job, find not to go home, now talk to me is to ask me to think well? I don’t want a divorce. What should I do? Private detective comment: think your HT盈幣寶things should not be as simple as you said, the middle you do wrong what wife will be like this. Now she doesn’t have any love for you. She hasn’t seen you for a long time. About the store manager, personally feel is your wrong, should not hide from his wife with her friends to say those words, maybe she is to make friends, because you don’t want her to go at the time she did not insist on going. Your advice is to go home and talk to your wife, confess your mistakes, complain about her, and explain that you did something that made her unhappy because you cared about her and loved her. Ditch after giving her a free choice of space, she will go to stay by her own resolution, after all, two of a kind marriagETH盈幣寶e will be happy.

Say good love, why do you procrastinate?

筆跡鑑定BLOGI admire their love very much, there are happy and sad, mood with their mood ups and downs. I am not a very can control the person of the emotion, private detective has words to say not to come out, hold back not to live, meeting afflictive. I’ve been struggling with whether to write our story, and I don’t know if I’m really in too much of a hurry in this relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for more than four years. We were classmates in high school. It was an accident that we got together. At least we never thought that we would get together one day. After we got together, we told our friends that they would never guess. We knew each other at that time, but never spoke, because at that time he was the boyfriend of our classmates who studied very well and knew him very little. He broke up with that classmate who was good at study because the teacher in school knew that they fell in love with each other for fear of affecting their study, so he stopped them from being together. The girl said that she broke up falsely before, and then it became a real break up. After the division of classes in the second year of high school, we did not have intersection for a whole year. It was not until the third year of high school that we began to talk. We really knew each other for more than a month. Perhaps with the idea of forgetting, because a joke we both have this idea, together. After being together, I found that he is a very childish person, but for me, I prefer a mature and stable person, because I think I am quite precocious, so I don’t like too childish. But after finding him childish, I didn’t want to say that I don’t want to be with him or anything, because once the relationship starts, I will be responsible and can’t just give up. And then it starts to get a little bit contradictory. At that time, he liked freedom, he was not used to having a girlfriend, and he had a good heterosexual relationship. I once doubted how he could like me, after all, there were many girls around him who played well with him, but he said that he had a different feeling with me. One of the most common things we both did at that time was to sit down and have a cool talk when a problem came up. After that, we talked about it thoroughly. He still did not like to be tied down. At that time, he was still in his senior year of high school, and he also hoped that each other could study hard. However, he always chatted with the classmates around him when he was studying at night. We were on and off several times, and I felt that he didn’t like me at all and did things without thinking about me. After break up for the first time, and it was New Year’s dwww.daaidetective.comay, I remember, he never find me after break up, but my in the mind a little unwilling, I ask him, if you are literally about before, say what I don’t feel the same to me, and why do you want to do this to me, and talked a lot, I said I am not looking for you and what of, but even if I find you good, you also won’t be reconciled with me, he said he would and I reconciled, and talked a lot, don’t know how to make up. After making up, I had a good time, but gradually I felt more tired. I never sent text messages with him more than 10 words, nor would I take the initiative to chat with me. Gradually, I really felt tired, so I broke up again, this time the time was a little longer. Turning point was, it was my first time in residence, didn’t come home at the weekend, but also the rain, that he is also in residence, the night rain, chat with my classmates in the dormitory, then I can send the message to rain back to school early, he said I didn’t think he’ll be back, he said he saw my messages very excited, he said that he seems to really like me or something. Chatting and then made up. After this reconciliation, we have a very good relationship, and he is very concerned about me. After the college entrance examination, we both went to college in the same place, although it was two schools but the distance was ok. I am a relatively impulsive person, temper is not very good. But in the fall in love, I also gradually convergence, he is very tolerant of me, I generally casual temper humor me. I am to belong to go up a second return with dynamite like disorderly blast, next second was good, I abate come out to have no matter. I am a specialist, he is undergraduate course. I have been working for one year now, but he just came out of school to prepare for internship. I did not ask him to say must look for how good how good job, salary how high what, want to have a job only line, oneself can support line, this requirement is not high. I am not a material girl, when reading two people’s living expenses are limited, but also go out to play what, so the money is always planning to spend, also did not buy what expensive gift, but he is not mean to me. I understand all that. I don’t like to compare my boyfriend with other people’s boyfriend, because if I want to compare, my heart is already out of balance. Actually, I really hate festivals. Although we would go out to eat delicious food during festivals, he didn’t buy me a gift. It’s not that he didn’t buy me anything, but he never showed it during festivals. He’s not romantic. Every time when my friends in the dormitory received gifts during the festival, they would tease me and say why your boyfri政府立案徵信社end didn’t buy a gift. I could only smile helplessly and say to myself that it was ok. Don’t care about so much. The economy doesn’t know. In fact, I do not care how much he gave the gift, even if only a few dollars, as long as he bought, I like, will be very happy. But none. He knows he’s not romantic, and sometimes he talks sweet. So gradually I got used to it. Two and a half years of college although he also gave me something to buy, but the real holiday sent almost no, no surprise, but I will give him to buy, I thought he can understand my unhappy, but not. So day by day together, the feeling is still very good, although occasionally still have contradictions. Because his parents love him, his ability to resist pressure is very poor. When I say he’s immature, he’ll say he’s got a baby face, and people will think he’s young when they see him. I said you want to let the person feel you are mature, the child face means you look young but does not mean you are childish. He stopped talking. Every time there is a conflict, he always likes to keep silent, which drives me crazy. In the last few months, we always argued with our parents because of the things we confessed to them. At the beginning, he said that he didn’t know how to tell his parents about us. He said that he was a little afraid. Said he will graduate soon, feel very confused, the mood is very agitated, do not know with me how to say. He said he didn’t feel as strong for me as he did before. I really feel cold to hear this, together for four years, you should say such words, do you think appropriate? During that time, we almost every day to make unhappy, always talking about not happy, on the bad side. Later he explained to me that he had been in a bad mood recently and asked me to give him a break. Because his parents did not know he was in love, even joking to ask him, but he did not officially admit. I’ve already taken him to meet my parents, over the summer. I was afraid that he would have to face a job after graduation and my parents, so I wanted my parents to meet him before he graduated, so my parents wouldn’t ask him what he did. After seeing my parents said that the person is ok, quite a real person but looks too childish, is long, also did not say do not let us. My father said first, tell me that anyway he and my mother’s attitude is already here, the key depends on their family’s attitude, if their family agree, parents good if they have no opinion. My parents do not want me to marry too far, see their family is quite close, family conditions are equal, so it is ok. I thought he would consider telling his parents about us after he met my parents, but a semester l徵信社價錢ater, nothing. That’s why I’m worried. I’ve been unhappy about this for months. My mom and dad will ask me what’s going on with the two of us. Under my constant pressure, he told his parents about me, but his parents hoped that he could find a job and not fall in love with others. He also didn’t say what attitude he had towards me. After the school affair was almost over, he didn’t rush to look for a job, saying that he didn’t want to look for a job yet and wanted to relax. Alas, write this, I again angry of not line not line of. Since don’t want to look for, I say you don’t want to tell me you want to look for again don’t look for of, direct point say I don’t ask bai. You say you can look, that I am not sure a period of time ask you to say look how, you again stammering of say not to come out, this get more angry. He always said he’d get us out of the way and take me to his parents as soon as possible, but he didn’t do anything. Originally my character is urgent, I do not like to procrastinate things, especially emotional things. These months have been really hard, I almost can not hold. It’s not easy for me to endure this long. Private investigator is he too passive, or I am too active. He is really good to me, is the ability to deal with things is really unbearable, too immature, the pace of doing things is slow, always say what plan is too early what is useful and then it is uncertain what change. I’m struggling. I don’t know if he can shoulder the responsibility of a family in the future. I’m really struggling. This period of time said several break up, he also did not agree,. I also know say break up not good, but true spirit of not good, want to stimulate stimulate him. Still have is relative what always want to introduce an object, say to have boyfriend, when the person did not introduce, broke up finally, say not to have boyfriend, the somebody else says all the time again, can shirk to say now still early, not anxious. People will tell us to get married too late. My parents also think that girls can’t get married too late. It’s not that I don’t want to make it to the end, it’s that he makes me feel less and less confident. Have you ever thought about why they do this? The emphasis is on the other side’s idea, is not others, sometimes their bad must also review, if you changed change, feel each other, then you don’t have to effort can save, you have to know the truth, use methods useless, a waste of time, there also won’t someone care about you, don’t have to wait for the answer here, I helped many save success, just like you have a common fault. Well, at this point, if you don’t take the time to ask us for help, I don’t thi nk anyone will.

Happiness is doing what you love

LINKHappiness is doing what you love. Shortly after returning from France, I heard that a friend’s house was flooded in the heavy rain a few days ago. The friend’s tone was calm, as usual, laughing, not like a home just flooded, causing hundreds of thousands of losses. [private detective] smiled and said he was really optimistic and could laugh at anything. The friend smile to ask [private detective] : “this time don’t smile, difficult way cry?” He moved out the words [private investigator] used in his blog a few days ago, “happiness comes when you can eat, sleep and laugh. You said it.” I always admire this friend, although he is a few years younger than [private detective]. More than ten years ago, he came to Beijing alone, with no money but the expectations of a poor family. No education, no job, only a family trust and a leap in the heart of the ideal. Beijing accepted him, but only in the remote suburbs, small bungalow, daily commute, meager income, unexpected cold eyes and unexpected twists and turns. When my friend first came to Beijing for two or three years, he had been living in a small bungalow with only three or four square meters in the far suburbs. The Windows in winter were not covered by wind, and the summer was extremely hot. Today’s young people can hardly imagine what a difficult situation it is, and may not have the stamina to persist in such an environment for twoLA or three years. 【 private detective 】 admire this friend not because of his perseverance and hard work, but in difficult circumstances showed optimism. At that time [private detective] did not know him, and by the time he got to know him, he had already passed the most difficult stage and established himself in Beijing. Often listen to others about his experience and story, often hear those bitter past, always touched the heart of the most soft part, or moved, or be inspired. Other friends talked about his experience at that time, feel most is his smile, no matter what time, he will always be the most really smile to others, never seem to know sorrow, no matter can floored him, though his behind have a poor family, there are two sister waiting for him to earn money for their study, even though every month pay the rent and send money home, he often doesn’t even have money to buy a steamed bread… After a few years, he read a book for younger sister, picked up the study that oneself interrupt again, read a university in Beijing, during 4 years of study all the time did not interrupt big and small work, bought a not big house to parents in hometown, oneself also bought a two-bedroom outside Beijing 5 annulus, and became a home. [private detective] never heard him talk about these things, but all his friends who knew him were very interested in these things, who could buy two housesHT with the money they earned in their spare time while studying, and who might have a family. That was seven or eight years ago, when housing prices weren’t that high, but it wasn’t easy to make a home in Beijing by copying manuscripts and working as a tutor. A friend who knew the situation said that during the four years of study, he wrote more than 2,000 articles, three novels and taught more than 100 students. How can we do so many things well in the ordinary day and night? Maybe only he knows. At that time, many people thought that he insisted on finishing college for the purpose of seeking a formal job or a career as an officer. However, no one thought that his friend who had been born at the age of five did not find a job after graduation from college. He kept his diploma in a drawer and started a new struggle. Only then did the people around him realize that he was studying for a dream in the center of his life, not for fame or career. In the second year after his graduation from college, the [private detectives] met by chance because of their work, and since then, they have had a particularly good impression on him, especially the calm and gentle smile that always ripples on his face, which is indicative of youthful vitality and a kind of visible plain and real courage. Two years ago, he owned a bigger house in Beijing, had his own company, had a lovely child, and had a hapETHpy life with struggle. A few days ago, I had a meeting with him about his company, because of its small size, heavy tax burden and poor efficiency, but he still wanted to keep on doing it, even though the current benefits were far less than what he would earn if he went out to do a job. [private investigator] smiled and said he could go out and do a job like a professional manager, with a salary of $1 million a year and no need to worry about big or small things in the company. He shook his head with a smile. “there are so many young kids in the company. [private detectives] have to keep doing it.” Speaking of his current life, he is very satisfied: “parents are healthy, children are obedient, husband and wife are harmonious, [private detective] just need to do a good job, cook dinner at home at night, feed the young people in the company, have time to spend with the family, can let the child lie in his bosom every day, such simple life is very good. A year to earn a dozen or twenty omnipotent live steadfast, why must go to force a million?” When he said this, the smile on his face was the same as before, which made [private detective] feel that he was a few years older, but he did not think clearly and live clearly. As one blogger said, when I was young, happiness was very simple, and when I grew up, simplicity was very happy. In fact, a happy life is to do the most simple thingsEOS in your heart.

Private detective: cheating on a man can have serious consequences

影片教學專區Private detective: cheating on a man has serious consequences! Affair is born at the right moment, can not grasp, spooky feelings? Don’t blame those people? I don’t believe it. You want to do whatever you want. Why did no one dare to bask in the sun face, righteous, hiding in the dark? At the worst, a man and a woman are there. You are the wife of a husband, he is the husband of a wife, married into industry of big age, big male big female, really do not know their identity? Forget the marriage license? The great truth of life a basket, you are not every day in the education of your children to learn it? Fail you still want to whip them, turn from already from all sides empty, close your eyes to recuperate? You know perfectly well what not to do. You just don’t want to cut the red cord of excess out of the wedding-house. Women, you know what men think? Men for thousands of years, from the emperor where the old son taught out, want to have a lot盈幣寶-​Q&A問題 of women, are subordinate to him, but also bring him money. After being married for so long, it was boring. They were thinking about having an affair. They were thinking about tomb raider in the plain sky. Look, look happy, no longer boring. Want to secretly not, is not the best? Consequence one: reputation damage popularity flourishing. A person with a family, a child, the responsibility in the body, do wrong, involving the family, chicken fly dog jump, how can be closed the mouth of others? Moreover, the people have this kind of hobby, you have become a moment of solitude, no one listen to your moan of punishment. Residential area, workplace, busybody’s eyes, are looking at you. All kinds, self – taught. How long will it take you to be a man without your tail between your legs? Wait for the icebergs. There will be a time when the ice will melt. Consequence two: look down on you most is your affair man. Didn’t expect that? The one who looks d盈幣寶-價差合約分倉技巧own on you the most is the man you want to follow regardless of personal danger. Don’t believe it? Every man has a rod to weigh. Men care more about a woman’s loyalty. So since ancient times there has been an emperor old man to widowed women chastity memorial arch as a consolation, not to see the men to repair. Thousands of years of custom, men can not have such requirements. How many men would not really doubt the character of an adulteress? Don’t blame me for being so cruel. He’s the one you stole, and he knows it. He will not think so much of the initial warmth, he will regulate your mood and rest assured with him peacock southeast flight. When you want to marry her, he will suddenly become smarter than Einstein, you will meet me, will not meet someone else? I don’t know if I’ll look around. When he rebukes you, do you really not blush not guilty not trembling? The man is in the psychology of the affair, likelihood is same as zhuang zhou xi 盈幣寶-價差合約操作思路wife, change a trick to seduce, you ignore him more he more come to strength. If you are really tempted, he thinks you are not pure enough, not loyal enough, hurt his good impression on you, not a good woman. Consequence 3: mother-in-law, child won’t give good courtesy. You are the fox demon that turned positive however, interfered with their home normal order, with what should be opposite you? It made my old lady lose face in front of the old sisters and ruined my son, which was not the case before. When your family comes, they won’t take it seriously. Of course, apart from the family of the daughter, the family home has what good tutor? There are children, but even more exciting, he is small, you must let him, do not with his general knowledge. Stepmother is by childish pronoun, inside and outside how many pairs of eyes staring at you, you have to and tears to swallow, if your own children, early a slap down, this is somebody else born, you d盈幣寶-新手價差合約心態are to play try? !

When will the sleeping marriage wake up?

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社My husband is a single parent family. Since childhood, he lived with his mother. From beginning to end, his mother-in-law did not remarry. The husband is especially good to mother-in-law, take care of considerate, mother-in-law said he always put the first, dare not have a bit of metabolism. He is good to his mother, I can understand, mother-in-law is still good, is too strong, heart overweight. I’ve been married so far that I kind of keep her at arm’s length. After a year of marriage, my husband and I had problems in our marriage because of my mother-in-law. I was pregnant at that time, and my husband’s salary was not very high, so I needed to prepare some money to give birth to a child. I asked my husband to borrow some money from my mother-in-law for the expected delivery date, and I would return it to her when it was stable. Mother-in-law’s answer is very make me surprised: “give birth to a child you don’t prepare money!” This words say of like I want to take advantage otaiwan detective台灣徵信社f her like, at that time husband also some angry, I have been nagging in the husband side, he only listen not to utter a word, angry I also have nothing to say. After giving birth to a baby, the mother-in-law came to the hospital to see me, accidentally encountered my cesarean section wound, pain of my teeth, the mouth said, “can’t be careful? Careless words, but let the mother-in-law remember in the heart, sit month son period is my mother to accompany me, the mother-in-law never appeared, the husband explained that the mother-in-law is afraid of his careless met me, or my mother take care of more careful, so she is at ease. Until the child 100 days before she appeared, this is obviously angry with me, my husband but kept for the mother-in-law explained. This happened more than once. Every time I said I didn’t feel anything, my mother-in-law would get angry. In this way, I can not avoid grumbling with my husband, he is not satisfied with my evaluation of my mother-in-law, aprivate detective台灣徵信社nd I quarrel, for a long time our quarrel has become a family dish, we did not live with her mother-in-law, as long as a angry, he moved out of our home, back to live there mother-in-law. My husband has always stressed that I have feelings, but my attitude towards my mother-in-law, he can not stand. As long as I don’t change my mother-in-law’s attitude, our marriage will go on like this. Every time he used good to her mother-in-law this reason as a chip to go home, I really tired. The thought of divorce floated in my mind for countless times. Looking at my child and his single father’s family, I was more and more terrified. What should I do? P.i. : hello, for your marital problems, the root cause is your husband. He has no reason to keep your marriage going by telling you to be nice to your mother-in-law. He should mediate the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, instead of just standing in your mother-in-law’s position, do not consider your feelings, this kinprivate detectives台灣徵信社d of behavior is too immature. Although it is a single parent family, the mother of their upbringing more than anything, but marriage is the two of you things, not because of the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, become a victim. Of friction is inevitable in life, the living environment of the factors for your mother-in-law has developed a strong character, as the younger generation as long as don’t violate your rights and interests, the step back and take a step back, and the husband there also want to do a good job in ideological work, you and her mother-in-law make antinomy, he can’t go to her mother-in-law, threaten you to keep your marriage, he will intercede to a family to a more harmonious life. The marriage sleeps for a long time will be forgotten, the only medicine to wake up the marriage is your family life happily, can solve. Have a matter everyone quiet down the heart to savor, communicate well, in order to better speak out the inner thoughts. Wprivate detectives台灣徵信社ish you happiness.